… which means unfriendly, dangerous people behind us.

\'Us\' being myself and my neighbors.

I got home from work this Tuesday to discover that we had a new door lock installed on our front door. After a brief panic over not having the keys for it subsided (it wasn\'t locked), I got inside, found a note stating that the new lock had been installed and that we should go get the keys from one of my neighbors immediately.

So I went straight to his door and got ahold of him.

Turns out a bunch of jerkwad kids (the kind whose parents are worthless, oblivious bags of filth who care more about procreation than watching any kids they may have acquired from said procreation) have been harassing and threatening some of my neighbors and even been inside our building!

The cops had been called and they had made the arrest, but were forced to let the kids (who are "well-known" by the police) go, due to them being underage.

Great, so because of this rejects-of-society, we\'re forced to spend a whole lot of money AND suffer the inconvenience of having to keep our front door locked.

This kind of stuff brings out the absolute worst in myself and turns me into a cynical monster. I understand that I may very well be affected by my own agitation and anxieties, but I really can\'t deny that it\'s my firm opinion on this matter, that it\'s absolutely retarded, to keep these vermin alive.

Allow me to explain this admittedly inhumane view on a bunch of oh-so-innocent children who are not themselves at fault for the fact that their parents are useless scum.

See every time the police is forced to let these little shits go, they will see it as proof that they really can get away with doing bad things. Kids (boys in particular) always try to take things farther to impress their peers, which means that these scumbags will continue to cause trouble and make innocent people miserable.

Next time, they won\'t just talk trash and threaten people who just happen to live in their surroundings. Next time, they\'ll kidnap an innocent school child who just happened by on his/her way from school, then they\'ll string up said child and disembowel the child for no other reason than because they "can".

People who dismiss this threat really have no clue what unsupervised children are capable of. That is something I\'ve seen first hand, so I know what I\'m talking about.

But Phobos, don\'t they deserve a chance to grow into proper citizens? Waste of time and ressources, it\'s far too late to do anything about these sorts of kids. They\'re too far down a bad road to be steered away from it. That is something I also know first hand.

I say "ressources" as if I\'m talking about money, but it really is far more than that. Not only do we waste money (which could be better spent actually, you know, *improving* other fields of this society), we waste the well-being of previously well-functioning, able-bodied citizens (children, adults), who could otherwise grow into great assets, IF they had been allowed to go about their business in peace.

But Phobos, isn\'t it really cruel and Nazi-like to just exterminate a bunch of kids? Yes, yes it is, but I view it as equally cruel, if not crueler to *indirectly* ruin far more people\'s lives by letting said children live and freely go on a rampage. You gotta draw the line somewhere – when is it more beneficial and life-saving to kill than to let live?

I know people would draw my Christianity in doubt with these claims, but then, I never really was a full-fledged Christian in the first place. I believe in common sense before Religion. I look to religion for inspiration and occasionally, suggestions. But I\'m no fool and I have learned to think for myself and not just blindly follow a set of rules, just for the sake of the rules themselves.

Rules are there for a good reason, but they are never flawless or infallible, the same applies to religious practices or rules, according to what history teaches us (or at least, Human interpretation of said rules and practices).

I am, however, not infallible in my reasoning either (never ever assume that I think myself to be even if I may come across like that in my rage and despair), and responsibility for rash conclusions still fall onto my shoulders. I therefore ask you to point out these rash conclusions and enlighten me as to why they might be erroneous.


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