When you are going on vacation, you want to be comfortable. When you are taking extended family with you on vacation, you may need a little extra space. Whether it is size, cost, or convenience, there are many major differences between hotels and villas.

Size: Hotels usually have small rooms, sometimes as small as 300 square feet so your family is in a small space. Hotels are great if you plan on staying only a few hours as a stopover for your trip, but if you are staying more than a couple of days, or planning a family reunion, a villa may be more what you are looking for as it can have as much as 1500 square feet. An average villa has a similar floor plan as a town home and will have several bedrooms and multiple baths. It usually also has a full kitchen, sitting room, and laundry room so that you can conveniently have clean clothes for the rest of your vacation. These are great for longer stays as children can spread out a little and have their own space and usually their own television and bathroom, so there will never a waiting line..

Cost: Hotels are usually made to house two people comfortably so if you have a family of eight, you will need four rooms, priced on average $89.00 per night, so that everyone has enough space. You may not even be able to stay anywhere near one another. Because a villa has more space, all your family will be able to stay comfortably together, therefore, you will be able to save money for the space that you pay for.

Convenience: When you spend the night in a hotel, you usually have to park your car out in the parking lot and carry your luggage down long hallways to your room. If you opt for a villa, however, you will often have your own parking space just steps from your front door. You can also conveniently prepare your own meals in your full kitchen. Some villa properties have restaurants and bars on the property so that you don’t have to go far to have a meal.

Security: Very few hotels in leiden are secure enough to make you feel completely safe and comfortable, but often villas are contained within a gate. When you are vacationing within a gated resort, you can have more assurance that your family is safe and secure while you are on the property.

So, whether you are having a weekend getaway or a family reunion, you want the lodging type that is the most comfortable for the amount of people in your group and the length of your stay.

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