my wife asked me today why am I trying to save something thats dead, I went to see the shrink today and she asked me why am I staying in my house and hurting myself when I know what the out come of my relatsionship is going to be, I can sleep I keep thinking that some other man is going to sweep her off her feet because of my short comings in our realatsionship, I dream this I think this I keep check my cell to see if she text or call and Im just going crazy, and she doesnt even look sad or show any signs of us even having anything, the tears wont stop the toughts wont stop and I keep thinking I could end this pain today but to much of a wuss, no matter how much I try it seems like it makes it even worst, people/ co workers tell me to go out to a bar and that I wont have any problem meeting someone else but thats not me, I just feel so broken and its been over 3 months but everydays felt the same, beer, meds, nothing works except the sleeping pills but that only works for so long because I have to work, and I suck at my job now I dont even care anymore, she say think of your son but I so blinded what I didnt even see coming, should I met someone else should I start going out? my pic doesnt do me justic but I workout everyday and my friends tell me I would have no probloms, but I keep trying to hope theirs somethings going to happen, Listen to this song on you tube from the Script nothing and this is me to the tee, Im so screwed up., she hasnt left the house so everyday I relive the last day so theirs no forward progress, im ready to sleep under a bridge and give everything up, what should I do?


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