Hey Guys!!!!! =]

I wanted to give a bit of a personal first-hand testimony of mine.

How to start?…………

Well, as I'm sure everyone knows, I have been feeling AMAZING lately.

And here's the deal…. here's the ONE SIMPLE THING that I did to change everything. Not to say that this is all that there is for me to do, just that this is probably the thing that made the biggest difference. I quit abusing drugs and alcohol.

OMG! I can not even begin to tell you how much of a difference this all has made for me. And maybe it sounds stupid like "How does marijuana really make that big of a difference" and that's what I thought too, and that's why it took so long for me to decide to completely quit.

Even when I first decided to smoke it less it wasn't that big of a difference. You see, pot was a HUGE reason I suffered with anxiety. My anxiety has dramatically been reduced and it's made everything so much easier. I can't say it's really helped the depression but now that I am past my anxiety I actually have the courage to GO OUT THERE AND LIVE MY LIFE!

I'm simply not afraid anymore! OMG I don't want to brag. I know a lot of people are suffering on this site. I went through my journal I have here at the house and read all the things I had written about not having any hope or feeling like there wasn't a future at all for me and I just LAUGHED!! It was completely ridiculous for me to think that I didn't have a future or like all my hope was lost because I do have a future!

We all have a future! Please Please Please understand that you deserve the absolute best.  Treat yourself that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not stress this enough. If you keep treating yourself like shit than you are going to forever feel like shit and nothing's going to get better.

If you're doing drugs trying to forget your problems please stop. It is NOT helping, idc what anyone tells you, it does not help. It may help temporarily but it is NOT hleping in the long run. Same with alcohol.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't take anti-depressants or something like that, as long as you don't abuse them. Take them the way you are supposed to. But here's the fact of the matter….. anti-depressants are used for chemical imbalances so they're good to take. BUT if you are doing drugs like pot, cocaine, etc…. then chances are that they are causing the chemical imbalance and all you have to do is just QUIT!!! It may not feel like it at first, like it's helping, but give it some time. It took me just a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't give up. I can't stress it enough how important you are as a person. You know, no one knows how important they are. You may not accomplish anything significant in your life but EVERYONE that does accomplish somethign big had a mother and a father and a grandfather and a great grandmother and a great great great great grandfather etc…,. lol but who knows, if any of those people had committed suicide than it would of caused a ripple effect to the point where that child that accomplished somethign like being the first black president would've never been born.

Soooo yea it's a long shot I know to think of it that way but really guys!!! I love you all! I hope you'll listen to me at least a little bit. If anyone ever wants to talk plz feel free to send me a message or you can give me a call. Message me for my  number! Peace out guys and good night! <3


  1. Bchemist4life 12 years ago

    great blog-thanks for posting

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  2. Aspiretodream 12 years ago

    yay! thanks guys! <3

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