for a full grow man to pick up after himself! and why can nowone around me understand that it needs to be done. that for me the insaine messyness is not just an anoyince but an earth shatering thing. i know it sounds dumb, but i just cant live in a pig pen. i understand when my daughter threw her creal this morining, and now itis everywhare and icant get itall up yet, she is 2 and she will do things like this,she dosent know better. thay dont call it tarible  2s for nothing, she is testing every limit.

but my hubby, now he should know better. how hard is it to pick up ur cloths and not threw them n the living room floor, wash a dish once in a while, and put you god forsaskein beer cans in the trash not all over the house and on my counters and shelves. i have asked him over and over and to no avail.  i cant do it all alone, and im not him  mother i shouldnt have to tell him, hay honny trash gose in the trash can. hes freaken 34. i just want to go around thehouse and toos everything in the trash that isnt absoluty nessesry to live. but i wont. i just want to cause then no mess.

my mother used to do that to me when i was young, if i didnt clean my room shed doit, and she would throw everythign out she felt i didnt need, and i tell ya  i leard my lession. i always felt so nice walking into that perfactly clean room. but i wont do that to my family, i dont think thay would havethe same feeling of relefe i would. i just dont know what to do. i cant take the mess i just cant.

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  1. thymeoperator 14 years ago

    i SO relate to this.  i\’d comment, but i\’d just be rewriting most of your post.

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