i lost my dad 2 years ago to suicide after he became very depressed n started drinking  n i havent felt the same since he left. im sad every single time i think about him n every other night i cry, im too scared to talk to anyone else about it because they wont understand coz no one else i know has ever lost someone this way. i also dont really know what to say, i feel as tho people feel sorry for me n dont know what to say to me coz i may end up getting upset but im probably just being paranoid.  i miss him very much n all i wish is to be able to hug him again. i think im even more sad recently because soon marks the 2 years of his death and with everything going on with the coronavirus, and the horrible racism in america and lockdown has got me so stressed n i dont know how to calm down.

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  1. john-someone 2 years ago

    The loss of a beloved one is really terrible, especially by suicide. My father passed away 8 years ago, not by suicide but because he was an old man. That’s nature I know, but I still dream of him during the night after all this time.

    They are part of our life. part of us.

    And I have depression problems myself, sometime life appears completely meanigless to me.

    How to calm down? I don’t know, I just go through various pages looking for people that is suffering in way similar to mine. I feel a little bit less alone.

    It doesn’t work every time, but sometime it ‘s good feeling that I’m not alone.

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