How long before I am complete???? The question is what is complete??? Is it the idea that you have accomplished every thing you have always wanted to accomplish? Or is it the idea that you have accomplished every thing which the world is telling you that you need to accomplish? I have found that I get caught up in the world sometimes and that is when I feel the worse…The world tells you that if you don’t drive a new car you are not successful…or if you do not have a $500.000.00 house you are not successful….I look at it as if I have something over my head I have done something that alot of people find hard…Yet that is a bit drastic…I have a newer car but I never drive it because it is my wife took it over…She deserves it I guess…so I do drive an OLD Audi 5000 when it runs…it is old but it suits me and I feel fourtunate that I have it because it is better than walking to work…I see so many people out there in the world who worry about having more and more…but think  about it…what can you take to your grave????? Nothing but knowledge….How many people try to keep up with the woman that is going to college?  Not too many HUH? but  see that person as one who knows the eternal realm of things…How many of us look to the student who is older and think why are you doing that…it won’t help you get a better job….you will just get tired and your kids will have to pay for the student loans??? I feel that these are the ones who really know what the world is about…I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel (and it is not a train)….but it is the idea that person stayed with it and completed that which they have set out to do…Life sometimes does not seem fair…yet what is fair??? Is it the success of a fellow human who gave thier all to accomplish what they felt wa simportant? or the accomplishment of a person who has died trying to get what everybody has?…Think about it…who are you??? what do you want? how are you going to get it if you never look past what every one else has???


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