Day four, still pissed, still being used. Between my brother and my Dad, who think they are easily the smartest people in the house, they don't have even an ounce of computer knowledge. So of course it makes perfect sense for them both to own a computer.

My Dad's is fine…for the moment…but you watch, he'll break it somehow. He'll get a virus or he won't update it and then he'll want me to sit there and figure out what he did wrong. And my brother's? Oh, well, that one may as well just be thrown out. Nothing will uninstall properly, Norton won't renew, it won't update, it's a mess. And guess who has to fix it?

My Dad pulls this shit on me all the time. He thinks he's smarter than me but he couldn't be more wrong. Knowing financial shit doesn't make him smarter, it makes him older but when it comes to book smarts, I've easily got him beat. He likes to tell me things like ,"Well just because your brother doesn't do chores doesn't mean that you shouldn't." Actually, that's exactly what it means. This family has a long history of making women do all the work while excusing the men from everything and I think it's time that it stopped. I know it bugs him that I'm the only girl who has ever shown enough presence of mind to know better but that's tough shit.

Now he's trying to convince me that because he paid for the computer my brother uses, it's actually his even though he doesn't use it. If someone buys something and doesn't use it but someone else does, it stands to reason that said thing was not bought for the buyer to use does it not? It's my brother's, not my Dad's, I'm not stupid.

The reason he's trying to convince me that it's his is because I said that I don't want to help my brother anymore. So now he's on this kick that by fixing the computer I'll be helping him out and not my brother.

You know how little kids are really gullible? They believe that Santa exists and pretty much anything else that you tell them? I mean, if you wanted to, you could really eff with a little kid's head and teach them the exact opposite of what's "right". They wouldn't know any better, they believe everything you say.

And this is what my Dad is trying to pull on me. He's forgetting that I'm 22, not 2. I know Santa is fake and I know that a lot of what he says is just as fake. By fixing that computer, I'm helping my brother. He's the one who effed it up and he's the one who uses it. Fixing it means that he gets to continue mistreating it and I gotta continue checking in on it because neither one of these idiots wants to call tech support. It's pure laziness, absolute stupidity, and complete and total selfishness.

I don't think that either of these bozos belong on the internet. The professor of my Security class said the same thing. If you can't take care of even the simplest things like updating software and scanning for viruses, you really shouldn't have a computer because you're asking for trouble and you're causing problems for other people.

Whatever, I'm letting it defragment to see if that makes it run a little better. In the meantime, I'm going to play Metroid Prime. My Mom never leaves the living room most days and I never get a chance to do anything so now that she's gone visiting Gram, I'm going to take this opportunity to play. Now watch her get home in like half an hour and ruin it. >.<

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    Are there any options for your changing the situation. Doesn't grandma need a younger person over there to help her a little in exchange for privacy, peace of mind and distance from male chauvinism

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