I hope that everyone is feeling healthy Abe hopeful in their lives today!

What is on my mind this morning?

In a perfect world, all relationships and friendships would start and stay healthy.   It isn’t a perfect world though.

I find myself asking what happened to a now toxic friendship.   The only answer for me is that the may of changed and the other person hasn’t done so.

I can’t help but wonder how long this person has been a negative influence on my general mood and happiness.

I am accepting the knowledge like a gift and forgiving myself for not seeing it sooner though.

It is raining here today.  The rain is hitting the window panes with thumps verses little regular two sounds.

I didn’t unpack from the trip last evening except for the cold food items.

Also, after reflecting on another friendship that ran its course, I fully realize that the act of pondering the “what if’s/ and what happened” isn’t just about about finding closure.

The act of pondering my possible role in a fizzling out friendship  helps with  self improvement and increased empathy.

The theory that life is like a merry go round interests me.  It seems people will come and go as a normal process to teach us about ourselves, inspire us by being a wonderful inspiration or horrible warning and can inspire us to take different paths in life than we ever thought that we would end up taking.

My journey in life so far has taught me knowledge at a painful price at times and joy at other times.

One thing that I know for sure is that once we realize something isn’t working for us, the price or not making a change is wasted time and risking toxic mental health

How do we let toxic people to us go? I opt not to ghost or just cut people out.   I simply do a fade out by taking longer to respond to messages and stop exposing what my thoughts and hopes are in my life.

I don’t see it as sad.  People come and go from our lives.   We all learn both good and bad from each other.   It can be seen as personal growth to weed ones friendship garden on a regular basis.

Once a friendship has run its course, resentful feelings can happen.  It isn’t good for anyone to put most of their energy in the negative relationships.

It is wiser to invest more mental energy into  healthy relationships and friendships.   The result  of doing so is potential for being content in ones life and personal growth

I wish everyone good health and hope!

What is on your mind this morning?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences in all of your blogs!

I love how everyone has different options, opinions; life experience and personal emotional strengths

We can all inspire each other from our journeys!



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  1. tealtellsitall 6 months ago

    The title alone, was enough for me! This post is EVERY THING.

    This is one of the hardest part of growing pains, especially if y’all have been friends for a long period of time.

    I experienced this when I got married and had my son. A lot of true colors came to the surface & i wondered, are they new, or was I color blind……
    Thank you for posting

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