So, I'm supposed to be working on homework, still not happening. I am still really frustrated about my roommate. I can't talk to her about it because that would only cause WWIII between me and all of my friends not to mention the dance team, Basically, I'm used to being

Completely blunt about everything in life and not used at all to hiding anything. As a sister to brothers let me tell you, if someone is pissing you off you yell it out and then get over it not this stupid girl stuff but seriously I don’t know what else to do other than sit here and FUME. She is driving me nuts!! She just asks me how my night was so she can tell me about hers and the only reason she wants to tell me about hers was to point out the fact of how cool she is, it is so fake! I am seriously going insane! She sits there laughing fakely because she wants me to ask what she's laughing about, this is getting ridiculous!!!!


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