My son is driving me bananas. Anybody want a mouthy 7 year old? No, I'm just kidding, but I could sure use a break from his antics today. I ended up buying him the bike at Wal-Mart today because it was the last one and they don't do layaway except during the holidays. That's ridiculous to me! Layaway should be offered at all times of the year I think! But it seems that nobody important at Wal-Mart cares what the customers think. They just do everything as they care to, screw the customers because they know we'll come back because of the convenience factor. I'd boycott but I don't know where else to go to get the non-food items that I need.

Enough ranting about Wal-Mart. So we went and visited Dad and had a nice laid back visit. It's been grey and rainy all day so we've stayed indoors. I hope it clears up some by tomorrow midday because I'm taking Zach to meet his friend up at the park. Joshua's mom and I will hang out while the boys play, maybe we'll play some beachball with them too. We've got that huge one for playing with here and I think Mindy and Josh would love it too. It's so big and light that you can't miss hitting it and getting it to someone else. And it gets your cardio going and gets you laughing too. It's too hard not to.

We are all peeling like snakes now. It's pretty gross. Unfortunately my husband has 2nd degree burns on his back because they are more blisters underneath the already peeling skin. He really cooked himself this time. I feel bad that he's hurting so much still. Luckily Zachary is doing better and doesn't have 2nd degree burns too. Everybody is so itchy! It's almost as bad as having chicken pox again! People are going to think we have fleas or something.

Sounds like the family is starting the next Star Wars Movie ~ I'm not all that interested tonight. I'll probably go in a bedroom and practice violin and viola instead. I just feel like playing instead of watching the tv. I hate sitting still for that long, unless it's on the big screen on the theater. Besides, I've already seen all of these. I'm not missing anything new.

I feel so bad! I had scheduled a lesson with a student for this morning and forgot all about it until they texted me that they were here and we were in Melbourne! And that's not a short drive either. I offered to pay for their gas next time but they told me not to worry about it and we rescheduled for next week. It completely slipped my mind!Mommy-brain…

I feel restless tonight somewhat. I don't know why exactly, we've been out and about most of the day except for our visit with Dad. Just one of those days I guess. Maybe it's because I took the Ritalin late today. I slept past my appointed time to take it so that's probably what it is.I hope I don't have problems sleeping tonight.

I'm so relieved they captured the 2nd suspect in Boston finally. I'm still so saddened though more than anything about the loss of life and the injuries caused by their actions. Children, adults, police and volunteers alike. Like I said, it just proves to me that the world is a crazy place. I wonder if it's true ~ the yinvs yang theory that without darkness there could be no light and vice versa. In nature there's always that eternal balance and cycle, I wonder if it still functions in humans too?

Well, I guess I should go. Not much else to say. I hope everyone had a great day and that tomorrow is good too! (((((HUGS)))))


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