So I am about to start high school and I am slightly freaking out. I am like nervous and excited at the same time. I am happy that I got all A’s and one B.(in 2nd trimester) But that was 8th grade. This is HIGH SCHOOL what if I fail. And now I some how convinced myself to do Student Council. So now I have to talk to people. And like they are all popular kids who have a lot of friends. At least my best friend is in student council too. So I have someone to talk to. And I got some of the classes I wanted… I got Graphic Design and Intro to Drawing so that is going to be fun. And my mom told me that I am going to meet more mature students because of the the mixture of grades. If that makes sense.  It was really hard in 8th grade because everyone was either over dramatic about”breaking their pinky toe” or ” you broke up with because I was treating you wrong so I am going to say you hit me all the time when you really didn’t” or the best one ” why can’t we be on our phones while you teach class”. I really hope it gets better. It may never. My generation really  needs to give a lot more respect to people.

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  1. runningtostandstill71 2 years ago

    Hi! I am homeschooled, so I may not be the most qualified person to offer advice, but here goes. I totally understand being nervous about not doing well. Something to remember though, that it’s only year one of high school, and as you go it will get easier to figure things out. Having good friends help too, and I have no doubt that you will make it! As for our generation… just got to keep hoping.

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