Well hello to everyone. I am new to all of this but I am a bisexual female. My story is basically me hanging around a lot of boys growing up and also feeling like a boy. I am more of the tom boyish style than wearing crop tops and shorts and being girly. I act like a dude in most cases. Growing up I kind of knew my sexuality because I used to always love being treated like I was a boy and getting  kisses from girls. Hell I even had crushes on girls. I still do but my mother has a hard time accepting the fact that I am bisexual. She doesn’t accept me. An it hurts because I really do tell the truth of being bisexual even though my preference is more on girls than boys. Im also having a hard time on trying to come out. But i always stay strong because I know things will get better for me. Growing up I also had depression and kept it away from my mom. I grew up without a father and my grandpa on my dads side had died which caused my depression. I became sad and felt like I didnt want to live anymore. To one day I actually considered taking my life until my mom found out. My mother doesnt want to accept my sexuality, my father is not around, I have anxiety, and no friends supporting me. But I know one day I’ll be happy because thats what I want in life. I want to feel love again, and be happy with who I am instead of hiding who I am. I want to support others as well who go through what I go through because I want others to know that they are not alone. If you need a friend I am here but I also  need advice on how to cope and be myself and embrace who I am.


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