People at school judge me and i dont see the purpose in it. Maybe it is because I have a boyfriend that doesnt go to my school and they jealous because I am happy for once with a guy that loves me? I think that I need to go see another therapist because I despise the therapist I currently have. My therapist does not help at all and doesnt understand my pain. So yea…she isnt helpful. I am graduating this year on June 13th. As long as I keep my grades above F's. I am trying my best. It is hard for me to focus in class, due to my ADHD and I am trying to control the chronic ticks/twitches. I am trying to get the hang of mindfulness, but I dont have the patience for that. I miss my old therapist fro mthe residential I was at in Hampton, VA. I was born in Portland Oregon. But now i live in Virginia, and have been for the past 12 and a half years! Yay me. I am tired right now because i had to get up early for school. Yay…I am listening to music to wake up. .But i dont know if that is going to wake me up. I love apples. I think that I have a habit of saying that every day. I dont know why..its just a habit. I love my little brother. He is 15 and will be 16 on January 30th. I miss my little brother. His name is Malcolm. I love him so much. My best friend is sick, and has been going in and out of hospitals since he was a baby, due to his asthma and other health problems. Right now he has the flu. I love my best friend. I think that I am being tooo random right now, but I am tired and bored. I love my Depressiontribe family. Yalll have uplifted me and kept me sane. I love you all and hope that you all stay strong. I am going to stop typing now lol. Love you all.

xxxJamaica aka Cat


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