I went to town today, but the last time I went out was on Saturday. I noticed I don't feel good. I don't think there is anything I can do but wait until I feel better. Too many things to deal with at home and I want to get away. I'm behind with things.

The frogs made some more frogs spawn.

It just started raining. When I move, I think I will get somewhere with a view. House with a view, although if I'm looking out from one of the rooms, it will be a room with a view.

Also it's my birthday on Friday and I will be 49. My mum invited me down. I'm not sure what I will be able to do then or when I will be ready to drive there anyway. If I get enough money I could fly somewhere. That would be fun.

life can change, as long as we change our thinking and feeling about ourselves and life and it can even change anyway, as it does.Just think and feel about the life you want and attract it to you. It helps to feel good and feel love too. I know that can seem a lot to achieve when you are feeling down but just do it when you can. Another thing is to like and love yourself which is important to do. Make yourself happy and then you radiate that to others. Look after yourself. It is others responsibility to look after themselves too, assuming they are capable of that. What I mean is, don't get used by others and don't sacrifice too much of yourself to others to the extent that you are drained and left without. Giving is good, though there is a balance.

(Those were some thoughts based on what I was reading yesturday) I'm learning more and putting things into practice. Such as changing negative thoughts about myself and my life into positive thoughts.

Okay, I hope you are all doing fine. I'm sure that on the whole you are a lot more capable than you realise. Maybe we need to put more effortinto ourselves and out lives, then we will be surprised at the good results.

  1. lightangel 9 years ago

    Thanks very much and for taking the time and thought to compose your helpful comments.

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  2. lightangel 9 years ago

    Thankyou Faith, well i will find some things to love about myself ! Some of the negative self talk I believe came from the boys in my secondary/high school.  I think the worse thing was when I wasn't aware that these beliefs were seperate from me and didn't define what I was. I was getting false accusations about negative things from people over a few years which was bad. Even when I confronted some of them, they denied it. I got  tired of this malicious gossip  but anyway I stopped associating with those people. I guess people will believe what they want and it is up to them to find out the truth if they wish. I have been single for a while too so I have cut out the crap that some ex girlfriends used to deal out to me. The last one was good to me but I had to move move away though and chose not to keep that going, really so as not to over complicate my life with the situation. 

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  3. lightangel 9 years ago

    Thanks for your encouragement and good wishes.

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