What it is in my mind I'm trying to find… a little lost and a little behind. I have this hole in my chest and it hurts a lot! I am empty inside. It feels as tho I had my soul taken from me and my pride.. I loved you with all my heart I loved you with all my soul. I have never loved another like I loved you! I loved you more than the sun and the stars! I loved you like I love my mother! I loved you and you gave up on me after all those things you said to me! It hurts to think that you have moved on and with another! It seems to have been all for not it seems like it was a great big lie! I feel cheated and led astray. I gave you my heart and I thought I had yours. You told me you loved me and I told you the same! When I say I love you I mean it! I don't throw around the word I don't abuse it! I cherish it and I live by it. I love being in love with you! How could I ever find someone like you! How could I ever replace what we had! I can never replace that love I have. I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of you! I can't seem to get you out of my mind no matter how hard I try.. I wake up at night with this burning fire inside my soul! I can't seem to go a night without dreaming of you! I wish I knew a way to let you go out of my brain! I wish I knew how to let you go! You have stole my heart you have stole my soul! It's like I'm a zombie with no direction and no where to go! I am lost inside my head with no heart and no soul! Your a soul collector and now I know.. your a siren and I got charmed by your song! You sang such a beautiful tune I got entranced and gave in to you that I now regret. The words you said to bring me up to the highest of highs just to drown me under the deepest of waters and the dreary skies! Just when I think I am at the top and doing good and happy where I'm at, you destroy all that I have! You destroy men and you do not care! How many men will you bring to there knees. How many men will suffer and bleed! I was once a strong man with morals and goals! You destroyed all that I have!


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