This is for a friend

My life here has been a short one, and I can't but help want to make it shorter.It pains me to breath on a daily basis, and no one sees how I fight to let the air escape and not re-enter my body. I am alone and suffer in silence. I yell out but it only echoes in the twisted and demented hallways of my mind. Every door is closed and there is no escape, for my destiny is within these blackened walls. My demons will forever haunt me keeping me surpressed and at bay from the surface. No one will ever see the person I have locked inside this state of cahos. She is un-deserving of love. She is un-deserving of happiness. There will always be disappointment. Failure is all she will ever know in her life time. It hurts! It hurts so bad! She will only want one thing in her life….to stop the pain!

I do know what it's like to want to not breath again. I do know what it's like to feel useless, un-deserving, un-loved, crazy, ugly, hated, the fat kid in the class, the odd kid out, the un-noticed, the confused, scared, and to not know which way to turn when I need help, No matter what I need help with.

Don't ever be afraid to talk, to listen, to feel! It's okay to cry, to hurt, to feel pain. You deserve good in your life, the perfect, the good choices, and all the love in the world! You don't have to feel that you are going through this alone.

Ask for help! There are answers out there! There are people that can help you! You can feel so much more better about yourself and your life if you just ask for a little bit of help.


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