Imagine you had a really bad day.

You ended up with shame, regret, fear, you lost.

But at the end of the day you tell yourself you learn, youll be ready the next time something like it may happen. "What doesn't kill you make you stronger". (-or just DAMAGED? cause that actually makes a lot of sense)

Now imagine something very bazar occurs, you get the chance to live through that exact same day again and again, you are in a loop hole. And, as wiser you thought you grew, stronger and more aware, you keep loosing, even though nothing has changed, the opsticals are all the same.

At a point, may get the chance to move out of the cycle, as you wished so long for. Theres now a posibility of going on with your life. Living a new day!

And by your own fault, you can't, because you still live in that cycle, or more likely- the cycle lives in you, and all you are left is what you were then. It made you passive then, you learn to be passive now, and you must learn this odd nature of "normal" everyday. Still loosing in a struggle within yourself, at list youre growing on some what level. Even if you are slow and far behind…

Back in a cycle again. still feels like im loosing. I hope again, that the next time I will have learned and found the right way to handle it, its a good thing, perhaps this is my chance to learn a great insight for LIFE…? at chance that may be almost gone. Because as it seems, the older we grow- the more covers we throw, and the time to understand human nature (and psyco nature;) must be now. I hope I'll be prompt enough to grab hold of this train rather than get run by it.


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