I havent told my mom about my depression. Im in highschool so i live in her house. I dont know how to tell her or if I even want to. Lately it feels like my depression is slipping away like its leaving. So maybe I dont even need to tell her. or maybe I should incase its not gone…it practically is never gone though. But she is not the most understanding type in the world. I mean she is but she isnt and i just cant find anyway to tell her. I mean my depression its getting better like kind of going away now so do i even need to tell her. I kind of woud rather tak to a therapist but only this one therapist she is now a famiy and child counser or watever but I used to go to her for a fu year after my grandma and my pawpaw died. She is the ONLY one i woud be willing to talk to but i dont think my mom coud afford her she is REALLY expensive. I don't know what to do and right now it doesnt realy feel like my depression is gone so maybe its just hiding like aways hiding. i just know that it definetley weighs me down alot and it doesnt help that i have only 3 realy good friends in life and 2 of them are my sisters and i still cant really tell any of them about my depression! talking to people on here helps most of the time but i would love to talk to a professional about this face to face but GOD ITS JUST NOT FAIR THAT ANYONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS! I CANT TAKE IT! and every day i'm on here is spent thinking god what if mom finds out about this site about my depression! I MEAN REALLY WHAT IN THE H**L AM i SUPPOSED TO DO HERE? I AM SO SAD ANGRY FRUSTRATED UGH!i cant take all this right now i just dont know how to deal with it i mean i have literally been praying that something sad happens in my life like something sad enough that i can just have my mom hold me and hug me while I cry. I pray that i have a big fight with a family member or my dad totally does something super mean or i get hurt really bad like maybe fall out of a tree or SOMETHING just so i can cry and she can tell me everything is alright im only a teenager i cant deal with this on my own anymore but at the same time i cannot tell her and there is just to much to worry about. to many ways i cant tel her. I could tell her if there was somewhere to run away too. thats what i need is to be able to just tell her all of it and if she reacts badly then i could just go somewhere for a little while like just a day and spend the night there and come back and see if everything is better then just go on with my life and be able to talk to her but i have no where to run away to and i dont know why i can manage to tell her but I just cant. how am i supposed to dea with this i have great friends on here but its just not enough i just want my mom 🙁

  1. doesanyoneseeme 14 years ago

     i feel the same way about telling my mother

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  2. quiet1 6 years ago

    Sadly, only people who have gone thru depression day in and day out understand what we are going thru. Most people think that depression is “being down for a few days”. It’s really frustrating when you support your friends when they are down only to have them turn their dear ear to you when you need support. All they can say is oh, okay, wow etc.

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