My mom hit a new low. Even for the worst of people. If you read my other blogs, it talks about my lil brother. 🙂 He means the world to me, and i honstly think im more of a mom to him than our mom. I talk to his dad about schooling, my worries, money, and im only 13. That boy makes me smile at my lowest of all times. I love him so much. He's really like my son! Its crazy how much i love him. But my mom put him in danger! im furious with her.

While my brother and his dad was visiting my mom and other family, his dad dropped him off with my mom, so he could see some family. He was 3 hours away. Later, he gets a call from an old friend. the friend said to go pick up my brother right now. MY MOM BROUGHT HIM TO HER FRIEND'S HOUSE… SO MY MOM COULD BEAT HER UP! What kind of mother brings a 4yr old to a fight?!!?! she's psyco! I never wanted to hate her, and i always thought i was just angry, never hate. but now, now she's taken my ENTIRE WORLD, and thrown it in potential danger. What kind of daughter thinks more logical than her mom? What kind of mom acts like 14 yr old!? so she gets to live her life forever as a teenager, and i had to start acting like an adult, taking care of a child, at age 8. I was in third grade, and i was more mature than my mom. What kind of person leaves their THREE kids for her new boyfried??? Then, i find out that she tried to get my brothers dad (my ex-step dad) fired from his job? She's more concerned about her ex-husbands misery, than her own son's eating?! I honestly think i hate her now…. I could go on and on asking about her stupid choices…. But i know the answer. MY MOM WOULD DO THOSE THINGS. … >:l

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  1. Kazey 12 years ago


    Haha, we just might! 😀

    🙂 Im glad you understand… Thanks so much. Bratty children? it fits so well.

    I guess there isnt really answers, just ways to deal with it? Thank you, and i wish you luck also.

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