I haven't been able to sleep right for a while now so last night I asked my Dad if I could have one of his sleeping pills. I was in a bad mood so I decided that going to bed at like 10:30 would be a good idea so that's what I did.

It is now 11:30 in the morning and I'm still tired. I think I woke up once because I vaguely remember removing my NTI and then putting it back in. That's the trouble with those things. Their presence is so noticeable that you might remove it in the middle of the night without even being aware of having done so.

I don't wear mine much even though I know I should. I've been grinding my teeth at night for, oh, at least 4 years now. Maybe 5 or 6?

An important note: Your teeth move. A lot.

So my NTI was made a few years ago. Today, it's kinda tight. I have to force it on and doing so, after a few days, should make my teeth go back to where they were when my NTI was created.

Which kinda hurts a little…

I'm a little bothered that it's nearly lunch time and I'm still really tired. The whole point of taking the sleeping pill was to go to bed early and then wake up earlier than I normally do and 11:30 is still way too damn late, especially when you take into consideration the fact that if I put my computer away and curled back up under my covers, I'd be out in no more than half an hour.

I'm not sure if the pill was too strong or if I was just really worn out and needed the rest after days of tossing and turning. Either way, I gotta force myself up and hopefully out to visit my Gram a little later. But, ugh…it looks like it's going to rain and yet it's still so freaking hot out. Not. Cool.


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