They disabled my Facebook account. They said I violated their rules. If they deleted my account, they should be deleting at least half of Facebook. My words and views are no worse than anyone elses, in most cases, they are far kinder.

But again I am shut out into an abyss. Shut away and cut off from the world more and more until there is nothing. The one thing I liked about Facebook was NOT the connecting with others, though. It was the games. One game in particular. The most innocent game you could imagine, Pet Society.

Yes, my virtual pet was my baby, and by deleting my account they virtually killed her. Sounds silly. But imagine something like a painting that you put all your love and work and effort into and someone destroys it. That was my Pebless. My virtual pet. Something small that gave me joy. And yet another something else deleted from my life.

I often expressed my views on FB and it made me feel like I have a voice. But I got no voice now. Never really did. Just having FB made it feel a little better. There's no way they will reactvate my account. Whomever reported it knew what they were doing just to pull out all the stops to get rid of me. Probably one of the cock sucking bottom feeding wanna be celebs that I knew at the JC Theater dept. I doubt it was a stranger. Really doubt it hard.

I stopped writing my depressing blogs there a long time ago. That is what this site is for. So I know they didn't delete me for that. They didn't delete me for saying I want to die. They never listen to that which is good because I say it a lot.

I feel robbed. Robbed of my place in society because that's what FB represented to me. My virtual place in society. And let's face it, I don't have a REAL place in society, even if I had 10 FB accounts, I am a nobody, nothing worthless piece of shit that everyone rejects. Facebook couldn't fix that. So I guess losing my account there is really nothing much of a big deal when you consider the big picture.

I feel like an animal, shut up in my room with my dinner. I have alcohol and it's not helping. It's not even exciting to me anymore. I don't even want it.I just have nothing to live for at all now. Period.

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  1. deidrexx 11 years ago

    Thanks for your comments, they help a great deal and mean a lot to me.

    I keep telling myself that FB is just a commercial site. It's everywhere, so that's a pretty good indication that you're dealing with heartless corporation (Billionaire Kid and his dumb movie) Even the Pet game is commercial. I hate not having a place there, but then what is it worth really? I think being in any group of people who have something in common with you is more important than a billion dollar social network… Still, looking at the FB little "f" logo is making me sick!

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