It's been a little while…that's cause things have actually been going fairly well. Until the past few days. I feel like my medication is losing it's touch. I'm a week away from my follow up appointment with my doctor and a refill and I'm feeling like I did before I started the meds. Losing my patience and temper too easily, not being able to control my body language when I know I want to say something but shouldn't…My fiance and I have felt closer the [ast week. Snuggling to no end at night, playful during the day, actual had sex twice in the same week (for those of you that read my other blog). I'm freaking out that things haven't mended themselves as much as they have in my mind. He still talks to this girl on his computer game that he told me is his "go to" friend. Someone to talk to, to help him with his issues. She's the one that's been trying to help him see things from my point of view so that he doesn't make the decision to leave his family becuase of me. She lives in Maine, so it's not like I'm worried about physical relations, but the way they talk to each other in messages…"lover" "hugs and kisses" …I dunno, just a little disturbing to me. I want to belive him with all my heart that that's just how they are. She's married with a son about the same age as ours. He's never done anything to hurt me like that, and I don't think he'd start now. I'm a little nervous to bring up a conversation about it cause I want to let it go and have him remain open about it, like he has been. But my thoughts keep brewing and I'm going to flip and I definitely don't want that to happen. What can I do??? I'm so intent on finding the happiness we both know is there, and fixing the issues so we can get to it.


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