I just moved to a new city to do what I thought was my calling (teaching). It was stressful saving up and getting loans to move out here; I’m 7 hours away from home. finding a place to live was stressful enough, and now that I’m settled in one place I need to start preparing for the new school year. It’s my first year and I feel so lost. I do t know anyone else out here. I brought my sister with me but it’s almost as she wasn’t here. She works all day. My boyfriend came to visit for about a week, the first week I moved out here, it was the best week I’ve had. I was happy and bubbly all the time, but as soon as he left everything came down weighing on my shoulders. I feeprobably so much pressure, I don’t haveonly to buy supplies and decor for my classroom. I’m behind on trainings, I wasnt able to move down here (financially) almost to when school is starting. I miss my bf and the support he made me feel when he was out here. I talk to him about how I feel and i cry, but I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable. It may be too much (btw we just started dating a couple of months ago). I really see a future with him so I feel like I shouldn’t scare him off with all this anxiety and depression. I constantly feel the need to be around someone aND talk talk talk about my sadness. I’ve never experienced cedar this level of anxiety/depression in my life and I’m scared.

  1. telknit23 5 years ago

    You’ve been doing a lot of stressful things–starting a new career and new job, moving to a new city, etc. These are all heavy-duty stressors so it’s natural you would be feeling overwhelmed by it all. Hopefully, you can find some fun things to do to distract yourself, and once the school year gets started, you will have that to occupy your mind. Often, anticipation is much worse than actually jumping in and doing. Let’s hope that’s the case here and that once you are absorbed with your teaching duties you will feel a little better. Just remember, all this change at once is going to make for a tough year, so try to do things that uplift and support you, and get plenty of rest, decent food, etc. Good luck!

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  2. bridgie101 5 years ago

    You can do it. There’s nothing in the world as bad as being homesick. But it does eventually pass. I think the first year is hard, and then it gets better. By year 3 you’re pretty relaxed and can start to enjoy yourself.

    The more times you do it the easier it gets because the less you expect out of life, and the less you are able to live with. Eg by the last move i didn’t expect any friends, any social life, anything at all. And that was just as well because they didn’t start coming my way till about 1 1/2 yrs.

    You’re younger though, so it will probably be much quicker. The older we get, the slower this becomes because the more picky we get about who we are willing to be friends with. 😀 We learn through bitter experience that sometimes it’s better no friends than bad friends.

    xx. Hang on in there. It will get better. And organise a holiday back to see him, and organise him to come for a holiday, and give yourself events to look forward to. The pain eases.

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