my family assumes shit. WHy do I always let them get entangled into my life. WHy is it that whenever ppl want favors done I do it quickly and with no complaints? But when I ask for one stincken favor it is always a bother to ppl. WHy do I let them get under my skin like this?! Yesterday I took my son amd my mother in law to get a haircut at my sisters salon. Well it is always a chore to try to get this done. Grant it she gives us free hair cuts but still. SHe knows our financial situation and the fact that I have taken care of her for most of her life and helped with anything and everything. I don’t like to throw these things in ppls face but man I am so tired of feeling like I don’t matter. After we were getting ready to leave she asked if she could stay at my house because she planned on going to Los Angeles for a job thing (LA is like 15-20 minutes from where I live and an hour or more from where she lives). I say yes thinking ok she gave us the haircuts so cool whatever. WHen I started thinking about it later on I got pissed cause if she planned on coming here then she could have just cut hair here and I could have avoided driving to her salon and wasting gas. Even though it is about 15 minutes away it’s still a long way when u don’t have any gas. Idk am I wrong for feeling this way. It is such a long story about the way things have been between me and my family. I moved an hour away so I wouldn’t have to be bothered with their drama and keep myself semi-sane. To top it all off my house is a wreck and I have be slacking on cleaning it up before she gets here. I did the livingroom and am halfway done with the bathroom. I usually clean one room at a time throughout the week when I can cause it’s just to much for my back. Sometimes it;s longer because of the pain or because I just can’t bring myself to do anything. SO now having to rush to do it has put me it the worst mood. I usuallt don’t care if she sees my messy house but it was pretty bad this time. I had been cleaning during the week but never finished because I had alot of running around to do with my husband and mother in law. I was looking forward 2 a restful weekend cause my husband left for the weekend (YAY!) but ended up wasting most of my day at the salon yesterday and today on cleaning. I was @ the salon from a lil before 1pm to a lil after 4 pm. That’s why I hate going there cause it turns to an all day thing. Well I better finish cleaning the bathroom. Like I can really be bothered with that shit. Then after that I have to start dinner. Yipee (rolls eyes) When will this madness ever end. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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  1. tekimthims 14 years ago

    If things are not working, take action to recreate them

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