Sorry I have been MIA lately. Lots of things going on in RL. Been going loads of places, I'm kicking this anxiety in the a**. Yesterday, my kids, husband and I went to a huge event at a park where there were tons of people and I only got a little bit anxious at the end, after we had been there for a few hours. Acupuncture has been working wonders for me. I only go once a month now. I'm still doing my Progressive muscle relaxation every morning with my affirmations (I am safe wherever I go, I can do whatever I want) so when I have to walk by myself, I can say those and tamp down the anxiety when my husband isn't around. speaking of walking, I am now making it to the end of my street again when the girls are walking home from school without feeling anxious. AND on my big practice walks I have made it almost all the way to the school. I have only half a block to conquer and it gets harder the closer I get, but I just keep going one sidewalk square at a time closer every day or so. It feels so good to know what is the anxiety now and what isn't so I can tell my doctor. I'm still having a lot of pressure in one of my ears everyday, and the ringing is getting worse, and I found out recently my grandmother had some sort of hereditary hearing loss… So I'm really hoping that is not what that is. Also the tingling- there's the anxiety tingling, and then theres this other more painful tingling that I get whenever I sit a certain way or I move in a certain way. It makes exercise hard because if I do too much I spend the whole next day feeling tingly and that isn't right. Because exercise (cardio) is supposed to help, not make it worse so the conclusion I have come to since it's happened repeatedly is it's not anxiety related at all. *sigh* but I won't even begin to have any answers for this till Mid may it's hard to wait because I want to know now. Anyway- more baby steps. But things are finally starting to look up! Yay!

  1. foreverchanging 11 years ago

    Great Job!

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  2. blewis 11 years ago

    Congratulations!!! So happy to hear you are doing well. Keep up the good work!!!

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