So last night I get this call from a friend and I know before I answer the call that he is going to moan non stop. His life revolves around going out on Friday and Saturday nights so when he phones me at just after 10pm on Saturday night I know it's a bad sign (FYI we live at different ends of the country) . After the third consecutive phone call I caved in and answered and sure enough it begins. "Oh so and so was meant to meet up with me but they blew out and they're all complete assholes" blah blah blah and after about 15 minutes of me being a yes man to this kind of talk he begins to ask me, well not really ask me more give me instructions to play online video games with him.

Now before this phone call I was perfectly happy, I was watching my DVD boxset of 2 and a Half men, my pizza had just arrived and I hada small bottle of small scotch and to me that is bliss. I like to emerse myself in another world from time to time, it's more peaceful than the world I inhabit and most importantly it makes my mind and my brain go completely silent.

So when I say no to playing video games I get bombarded with a gazillion questions:

"Why what you doing?"

"Watching TV"

"You can do that anytime, come online and play FIFA"


"Why not?"

"Cos I don't want to"

"Call of Duty then?"


"Why not you're not doing anything?"

"Cos I don't want to"

"What do you want to do then?"


"Why are you on the phone to me then?"

"You phoned me"

Didn't heat his response to this bit

"You're so moody sometimes" – I'm thinking, well yeah I'm Bi-polar

"I do stuff I don't wanna do for people sometimes" – I can't remeber the last timehe did anything for me

I don't say anything here because I know there is no right answer I can say here

"What's wrong?"

And I'll leave this conversation there

This conversation got me thinking why exactly do peoples lives revolve around Friday and Saturday nights? That accounts for just 1 day a week so what about the other 6? Are their lives so empty and meaningless that they base their whole character around the shallow and somewaht cheesy events that happen on Friday and Saturday nights? Is it me or has something gone wrong with their lives when they only enjoy 1 day out of the 7 a week?

Another thing that screamed at me was the way he used the word "wrong." Why does something have to be wrong with me just because I dis-obey orders from him? Is that what the world has come to – If you don't want to do anything on Friday or Saturday nights something must be wrong with you. Since when did being an introvert become "wrong"?

Now this "friend" of mine describes himself as an average guy and this is true, if this is the mentality of an average guy then I weep for England and the drunken capital of the world that it is becoming…….

If you made this far WELL DONE YOU and thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜€


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