I just wanted to leave a blog to offer some sort of hope to others who feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

My anxiety/panic attacks started 7 years ago. At the time I had 2 small children and I could not see an end to everything that  i felt.  I was a failure but could not do anything about it, I could not even pluck up the courage to kill myself as I did not want to leave my children.    That was a good thing I can see now.  My husband has been as supportive as he possibly could although there has been times when I know that his understanding has gone out of the window and he has been very frustrated with me.

I have tried aromatherapy which i still use, hypnotherapy which is good for relaxation, tablets, and cbt.  Looking on the internet and talking to people on this web site has helped also.

I now have a job and my husband works away,  I still am on the tablets and I still get the anxiety attacks  (not as Bad).  Just saying Yes to everything instead of No  and getting over small hurdles leading to the high ones is the best therapy.  Push yourself and even if you get there and have to come back, keep going.  I still find it hard and who knows what the future holds but who cares as it has not happend yet.  Grab each life line as it comes to you.

You are probably reading this and thinking  yeah yeah yeah  but we all have it in us and it is there all of the time, we just have trouble finding it sometimes.

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  1. Quietkp 13 years ago

    I Should have been a bit more sensitive!  I promise at times it has not been easy with a family and i dont know what the future holds for me but the fact that we are still here maybe says something…. i dont know?  If you want to be my friends i will talk to you gladly and boy i can talk and listen.  If you dont thankyou for you replies and i hope that you find your "something"xxxx

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