So guess who somehow accidentally managed to miss his first night of class last night?!?….How did this happen?….Well, naturally, I got there a few minutes late, only to find the door to the classroom locked and no one in there…No notice on the wall about the class being cancelled or moved to another room….

Went on the campus website to see if I might have missed an email in the past couple of weeks about whether the class had been cancelled or moved to another room—found nothing there….So I sent an email to the professor for this particular class asking him to please let me know asap where the class is meeting….Just for the hell of it, decided to walk past the class one more time over an hour after it initially was scheduled to start….sure enough, I heard the voice of the professor lecturing away to the students….No freaking way was I going to walk in there at this point so late after the class started looking like a fool…So furious with myself that I missed class–obviously, they must have gone out of the class to some kind of lab shortly after it started, and I was too late in gettting there to be aware of this…

In the email I sent to the professor earlier, I apologized for missing class– if I had in fact done so…Now I have to hope that he doesn't think I'm a careless moron for missing first night of class and that he'll be understanding in his reply….Oh btw, when I went up to the class and overheard it going on, I also could tell that the professor talked VERY fast….Missing first night of class(the class meets one night a week and is three hours long btw, which I suppose pretty much means that I missed what equates to my first three classes)+science being one of my worst subjects+ the professor being a fast talker=NOT GOOD!!!!…

Way to go Todd! Way to go!

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  1. tammyleafs 9 years ago

    todd , the first class is usally just the teacher trying to scare the student any way , try and befirnd some one at the next class, try and get there notes, and get your sef a recorder so you can take notes off the tape

    good luck todd, im pulling 4 you

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