Hello all you happy people.

Have any of you seen Wilfred, the T.V. show? You know, the one with the hapless protaganist who "hallucinates" a man in a dog costume, while everybody else sees him as a normal dog, and has the disposition of the Uncle that you never invite to Thanksgiving?

Anyway, I was watching their antics on my non-flatscreen today and it hit me; this show is the perfect allegory for depression sufferers! Hey now, before you trolls out there start trolling me saying something like, "Well, derrr." or "You just now figured that out? Star sticker for you! :P". Yes I know that it is part of the underlying theme, and I prefer scratch n' sniff stickers, thank you. But for all those who hide the shame of their ignorance for fear of trolls: The lead character's problem is dealing with his paralizing depression, and the man/dog/stoner guy that he sees after over self-medicating becomes his only real trusted connection outside of himself, and dog/man is more like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Dog/Man/Wolf/Sheep/Stoner guy acts like the kind of friend that's there to hang and help you out of your funk yet always has a hidden motive or amuses himself at your expense. The way I peiced it together is that that dog/man thing is just like how depression works, at least to my understanding.

Just consider the facts…When you want or need to do something, depression wants to do something else. When you've had a long exhausting day and are ready to hit the hay, depression isn't ready to sleep. If you need to get up early tomorrow for a job interview, depression wants to sleep all day. When you want to hang out with your friends (If you have any left) and just talk, 'ol pal depression gets jealous and wants you to just sit with it in silence. Seriously, this thing is like a cross-between the kid down the street that no human can babysit and the world's worst roommate, who probably isn't human. So there could be a trick to this… By personifying or "putting a face" on depression, we might be able to seperate it from ourselves as something that isn't an extension of ourselves, but as an assh*le that we think we have to put up with just because no one else will. Maybe I'll try imagining my depression as an imaginary fiend, and then I'll conjure up my old imaginary friend, who by the way was a velociraptor/ninja turtle hybrid to go all Jackie Chan on it's sorry ass. Better yet, we can see it as the tryrannical oppressor it really is and then we can stage a personal Revolucion!!

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  1. blisscatcher 10 years ago

    Oh yeah. mind trick for the mind-tricked souls. Let me try.

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