I’m not even sure what is in my own brain anymore. I just logged back onto this just hoping to find someone to talk to but the site has changed so much. I was rereading my old posts. My mind set hasn’t changed much. Now I’m married with 2 kids and still feel like the world is on my shoulders. I’m starting to go numb. I just can’t keep doing this. How am I supposed to be a good mother when I can’t even think straight. I don’t want my kids to have to suffer because I’m broken. I spend all my time trying to be what my husband wants and my kids need that I have gotten lost along the way. Baby is struring so maybe later or tomorrow I will be able to try again to get some stuff off my chest. I just feel so alone in this world.

  1. tnguye7 7 months ago

    I understand exactly how you feel! I am in the same shoes. I try hard to hide my broken self from my kids and try to be the wife my husband wants me to be. It is really hard and it does get lonely. ☹️

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    • livv828 7 months ago

      I get it. I want to be a good partner but I always feel like I annoy my partner

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  2. proanamia 7 months ago

    I’ve definitely been in a similar position before. You realize that a wife is someone you have to be for your husband, a mother is someone you have to be for your children, but who are you for yourself? I hope you find peace, clarity, and self discovery soon <3

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