Think about this: Today will soon be yesterday That is a strange thought that ime moves past us–but that also means than many of today's problems will be yesterdays. Oh many will continue to haunt us—but sometimes it is good to learn that today's problem CAN fade into yesterday, if we fight for ourselves, fight for our own happiness and joy.

Tomorrow hasn't happened yet–and no sense for us to grab new problems from then, however we can seed today with things to change tomorrow right now.

We can encourage others, smile,tell someone they are beautiful–and mean it completely flatteringly non-sexually. Yep. I do this, sometimes it confuses people because they don't quite know what to do about it, as I'm a strang old man. 😀

I'd rather be thought of as strange and eccentric than depressing–and I can do the latter far to easily. You know what though? Telling people those truthful, kind things that we can makes their tomorrows better, and that can make ours grow far nicer as well.

We can fight out fights against depression–by cheating, by taking the fight to tomorrow where it can't fight unless we allow it to. We can fight it by getting armed assistance–doctors and counselors today, to make tomorrow something smile worthy. It may not be immediate but in time we can cheat our way to a better life–against depression this kind of cheating? Completely alright! It lies, it cheats, it tries to break us, but it can't take from us tomorrow, unless we give in, and we can shove it soon enough into yesterday.

Time turns. Long ago when I started coming here, I never thought I'd actually have good days. Happy days. I do. Quite often. Oh I still have a down day, and still have to fight some health and mental issues (bipolar does that to you the evil bastard.) Yet, I know I can kill it, little by little each day, and out live the little monsters tantrums it throws in my brain.

So. You are beautiful. Whoever reads this, whenver you read this. You know why? Because there is no other human being exactly like you. We are snowflakes that don't melt. Confusing, swirling, complicated snow flakes, but we make a beautiful dance together in this world. If we let ourselves..

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    What a beautiful blog!

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