So im new to the whole blogging thing, but i need to reach out.

Im a young mom of two beautiful girls, and I am happily married. I grew up in a VERY small town, I have one sister and my parents are still happily married. Although i had a wonderful upbringing, i was always the odd kid out. In any situation, ive always been different and never really fit in, and the fact that the town had less than 500 people in it made matters all the more worse. I was bullied a lot as a young child, and some really ugly things were done to me. Going on to high school, i still stood out like a sore thumb. Ive always spoken out, and it always gets me into trouble. People were just as ugly to me in high school, if not more. When i finally found myself in a tight knit circle of friends i was of course overjoyed. I have a pretty bad problem with lying, and it got me into trouble with the circle. Needless to say i was shunned and had more ugly and unnesessary things done to me. Over the years i have held back on the lying, and things have been ok. Quite recently i lashed out at a friend who was being catty (also she was one of the friends from the circle) and it opened up a lot of old wounds. She went on facebook and brought back up all the ugly things from my past, and needless to say it was terrible, and i lost quite a few friends over it.

Anyways, that made me quite sad, and brought the depression back. Not that i think it ever left.

My husband and i had to move for work about 7 months ago, and it has left me in a strange town, with no friends and quite a few judgemental older moms.

I feel very sad, and lonely, and i want to do the best i can for my kids, but its hard to be a good mom when you feellike someone is tearing your heart out,

please i just need some support right now


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