Keeping my cool but these idiots in this fitness center next to me must think I am.  Saturday I was watching TV and then my cable goes off and I go out to see what is wrong and this guy told me his name and said that my landlord told him to put a ground wire on it but I saw a jumper box and another line which does not come into my apartment hooked up to it.  When that guy left the ground I went out and disconnected that one line.  No one has bothered it till today when I had to go into town and when I got back the line was hooked up again and I called them a few choose words and I disconnected the line again and I called the cable company and the landlord.  The cable company will be out here to adit the situation on Sunday and the landlord told me he did not send anyone out here and we talked about putting a lock on the door to keep people out and I cut their cable line so they cannot connect it again.  Set my one web cam up in the window and hope that will stop them from coming here again.  Here I am on a fixed income and they are robbing my cable and these guys could put their money together and get it themselves.  It isn't that expensive for them, if they could afford the gym they could afford the cable.  This year I to many people taking advantage of me and I am tired of it and I hope this means I broke through again.  Can't take people feeding of people like me with a fixed and low income and they have been doing it to long and now I am going to stand up to them and if something happens to anything of mine I will call the police and get them involved.  They made me so angry but I am keeping my cool about this situation.  When I was talking with my landlord and on my way out to cut the line, one guy was on his way into the gym and I said it loud enough that he heard me tell the landlord that I will have the person arrested connecting to my cable and robbing it from the cable company.  I will tell the cable company that the guys that go into the gym are the ones that are doing it and let them take the rap because the landlord and I talked and I do belive him because of what my housing guy told me.  God is helping me and teaching me to stand up now and it feels good. 

Thank you all for your comments.


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  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    Good going sweetheart don't let anyone take advantage of you at all!!!  Be the strong woman that you are!

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