I don't know how to say this because it's like an insane topic. So bare with me! When i am in a car and I have my headphones on randomly I just like fall into a trance. I can't control it at all I barely know what happens while I'm in it. But what I usually remember is something like an accident, dying, or getting fatally injured. And right before like the car hits me, or I get a knife plunged into me I snap out of it and I take a huge breathe like I wasn't breathing for ten minutes and I'll jump with chills down my spine. People tell me when I get chills down my spine a ghost walked through me well did I see their death? I noticed that I just stare and never blink and either don't breathe at all or barely breathe. So here's something weird that happened today coincidence or real tell me what you think? My car was breaking down as I was on the way up to the mall we went to go back home but then after a few minutes we turned back around because it started to work fine again and nothing happened for fourty minutes everything sounded fine. So now we are stopped at a red light a tractor trailor to my right left and behind and suddenly when the light flashes green I get a jump chill and the first word in my head is stall sure enough my car stalled on the middle of the highway and we rolled onto the shoulder. Now we are sitting there for a half hour and the car sounds like total crap. I never got the feeling of getting killed so I wasn't nervous about getting hit. I finally was like well lemme try something. I positioned my hands like I saw a statue of a saints and said in my head by the power invested in god thru me this engine will start enough to make it to that parking lot and I didn't say it to much before my dad tried to start the car but it started sounding better then for the five minutes he stopped and I continuously said it in my head stronger and stronger then right when he turned that key I jumped cause we started and we only made it for that short distance to that parking lot I couldnt tell it if was coincidence or not but it didn't shock me to much. So yeah just leave a comment below on whatcha think I just had to get it out there so I felt better about telling someone thanks for listening:)


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