I hate it when my boyfriend's mom yells. I hate it when I have to wake up to her yelling. The past 3 days in a row I've woken up to her yelling for me. Ive gotten phone calls for jobs and I love that, but why does she insist on yelling for me from the 1st floor, we live in the attic, why can't she just walk to even the 2nd floor and call me, why does she have to yell. It gets on my nerves so much.

The nice thing about if I get a steady pay check is that I won't have to be her nanny anymore. I don't get it, she's a stay at home mom, why does she need someone to take care of everything? She has me and her mother taking care of the kids and the house while she's out either shopping, going to church or god knows what.

Everything in the house is still being packed up. She's changed her mind about which apartment she watns again. It seems like every time she's close to getting the paperwork done she changes her mind. Hopefully I get a steady paycheck and save up enough money quick enough so that me and my boyfriend can finally move away from here. We've already decided on a studio it's about $500 a month, it may not be very big but it's better then everything else right now.

Also, when we go into the apartment with everyone his mom will still make us pay for everything that we're paying for now. I think that's bullshit. Me and my boyfriend's living space is being reduced to a small bedroom or possibly a living room and we're still expected to pay the same amount? I don't think so.

I also found out that the kids that we were taking care of aren't going to be leaving for a VERY long time. They were going to be adopted but then they went to the doctors and it was found out that the baby has hepititis and HIV  and that the drugs the girl was given damaged her brain perminantly, so the people who were going to adopt them changed their mind. So they're going to be here for a very long time I guess. But it's ok, I prefer them to the adopted son anyway.

I'm going to be going on an assignment next week, it's only for 1 night. I'll just be helping with the Walmart electronic section (I've done it before) but I think with that check I'll buy new clothes. I desperately need them. All of my clothes are either too big or completely worn out and full of holes. God I can't wait to go shopping 🙂 Depending on how big my check is I might just go to Walmart or Target and replace all of my clothes and throw out the old ones. That would be nice. I'm actually really looking forward to going somewhere and shopping. It'll be nice, I think it'll remind me about California…crap, now that just reminded me that I can't go to California for my sister's birthday because I'm starting a new job and on assignments you can't miss any days…crap…now I'm sad again…


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