A big Hello to all the gifted people here,

I am gaurav from New Delhi,India….The reason I called us gifted is that we all are indeed gifted to be here together with the awareness that we aren't absurd or carzy but have OCD.. and I have read that OCD happens to people who are extra intelligent…

Anyway Its been 7 years I am living with my friend OCd… after getting angry,depressed,low and mad over this unusual problem I finally befriended it and from that time till today doing something for people who have OCD is something wich is close to my heart…very very close…

I want to spread awareness in society about ocd and share everything I know about it as it will be of immense help to the future generations and among people that dont make fun of us.

We also are normal and happy people,its just that we believe in caring more for our loved ones(thats why we do endless rituals to defeat the thought that something bad will happpen to them).

We are cleanliness lovers(thats why we wash hands more than once).

We are cautious(thats why we check the gas knobs again and again and check whether the door is properly closed or not everytime we go out.)

Also we are courageous enough to admit that we do have OCD,we are happy to stand united and face it with a smile and finally win it over….

Keep it up Guys…we all are fighters..

Proud of you all … I will be the happiest soul to help or advice anybody on anything relating to OCD as I dont want anybody to bear the kind of pain and feel the agony which I have felt by OCD..

Take care


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  1. fighting2win 10 years ago

    hi  Gaurav.

    Thanks for this inspiring note..

    Take Care..


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