So I'm up again at 3 a.m. This is the only downside to the Ritalin that I've seen. I think when I see my doctor in a couple weeks I'm going to ask him to put me on Lunesta or something similar so I can get some good sleep. Of course it probably didn't help matters any that I had the dog sleeping between my knees and a cat curled around my head on the pillow and then my husband rolling around next to me trying to get comfortable. Why don't the animals go lay on him for a change? That would be a welcome one, lol.

I kept hearing a child keening in my sleep. I'd wake up instantly and listen to hear if it was Zachary having a bad dream, but either he would stop or it was in my head. Maybe that's part of the Ritalin too ~ the bad or uncomfortable dreams. I've noticed that a couple of times now.

Today is laundry day, blech! We have all these winter clothes that need to be put away until next fall and nowhere to store them. I'm going to have to buy a couple of tubs from Wal-Mart to store it all and put it in the garage ~ there's just no room in our room. I hate clutter, it makes me feel anxious and crazy! I got on my husband yesterday about the fact that he never helps clean the house and he actually had the gall to say, " Well why do you need me to help you clean the house? You're home 5 days a week!". Even now he doesn't quit understand depression, even after all these years. So whatever, I guess I'm just going to have to do my best by myself.  Plllbbbttt!  I know, real mature of me.

So last night one of the songs a friend left me on my comments section inspired meto play violin! I actually memorized the first part of the song and taught it to myself. It felt so good to really play, and of course my cockatiel Zeke was sitting on my shoulder singing whileI played. He loves the violin, and funnily, so do the rabbit and the dogs. They all come over and lay nearby when I'm playing. 🙂 I'm like the pied piper I guess, lol.  I actually posted the song on my page under the 'About Me' section if you want to hear it.

Shortly my Mom is going to be up to get ready for work. That will be nice, to have another living soul to talk to at this early hour.  We'll have some coffee and smoke a cigarette or two together before she leaves. That's how it always works on weekends it seems. I'm always up this early. I hope that in an hour or two I'll be sleepy enough to go back to sleep on the couch here upstairs. It's my second bed. 🙂 Any time I can't sleep for some reason I move to this particular couch and I usually can. It's like magic!

Oh cool! I just turned on the lights to the porch and this really big frog is sitting right in front of me just hanging out.  We don't mess with them or aggravate them so they've gotten really used to us.  Sometimes they'll actually jump on us to get from one place to another, which usually scares the hell out of you. But they're cool to watch, and they're one of my favorite animals. When I was in my late teens I really wanted to get a tattoo of a red-eyed tree frog climbing up my spine but I never did. I still want to get my phoenix tattooed over my heart, but I'll have to save up the money first to do it.

Alright, enough rambling from me! Hope you all have a good morning! (((HUGS)))

  1. ancientgeekcrone 7 years ago


    Today's blog entertained me; especially about the big frog, hoping over you to get

    somewhere else.

    I do not know any men who help with housework, even when their wives are bedridden.

    Hugs Mary XX

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  2. momhurts 7 years ago

    Wow, you have the same bed company I do, dog at the legs, cat on the pillow, husband next to me.  It's neat but it doesn't make for good sleep…

    And Mary's right, men are not much help. My kids help more than my husband does.But it sounds really cool to have someone to have coffee and cigarettes with, that must be kind of nice…

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