Um hello there to those who reading this. My name is Travis. I don\’t want to write about except for the obvious but I just want to write introduction about myself. I live with a lot of animals and my brother. He has been my best friend and often times a punching bag for my anxiety. My mother is still around and I talk to her about my problems a lot of the time. Kinda happy I can. I am a man of not much friends, that is okay. I think I still need to learn to get friends, if that makes any sense.

I am a modest person, middle class work who considers himself a gypsy nerd. Don’t have a classification to call myself something. I just feel like I am a little bit of everything. I mean I love MMA fighting and collecting VHS tapes and stuff animals so I don’t know what I am under. Kinda like being a gypsy nerd. That part of my life feels fantastic. Feels like I have my own connection in the word.

My anxiety makes me feel weak to the people around me. Often times makes me feel like i am not nothing but inferior I guess around others. I wish knew what started this. I was never like this when i was younger. My mom told me that I was a fearless person. That I had this easy flowing strength. But somewhere in my adulthood, anxiety took over. I wish I had some idea about this.

I really want someone to b.s with about this. Spit ball ideas and don’t feel alone in this situation. I don’t even know if that would help.

Guess there is a fear if I don’t deal with this soon. I will be alone. I will be some wondering soul of sorts. I don’t know if i can deal with that issue. I do have a fear of being alone. I can’t be alone. Or I can and I can’t. It depends on the circumstance.

I will stop here. I just wanted to say something. Feel better saying something about me. Might be ugly how I explain things. I just wanted to get something down.

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  1. delane 6 years ago

    LambNova1, i think you did just fine! Welcome to the tribes, by the way.
    i like your classification, too…made me smile. 🙂

    Do you think, maybe something happened and your mind has blocked it out to protect you? Do you feel like something happened and you just can’t remember what it was? Or, do you have more of a feeling that maybe this was something that ‘suddenly’ happened for no rhyme or reason? Did something–anything–change in your life? (some sort of drastic change, i mean)
    i hope you can figure things out and find the answers you need. ***hugs***

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