OK so its hard not to be irritable in the world we live in huh! I am needing a way to deal with mine, Three kids alone, with no partner and their dad, very very unavailable, i get to the point where I wanna scream and i get them so frustrated at me someone is bound to yell or get their feelings HURT!

So what do I do? I think I need a plan to work this out, coz typically this is what brings me down when I am working, irritability. I can deal with panic, i can work on depression and can LOVE my mania but the anxiety or being irritable with anxiety is what really just freaks me out!!!! Then every damn thing just gets to me. And I am a fronter, I front that all is peachy when it really isnt.

Is it time to find a partner? I mean being single for this long is kind of weird? NO? But I dont want anyone around to much to see the real Bets, I have a few ppl I let into it, but not a partner, push push push!

today I got asked by three men about my age for money, they had a sign that said Gen X. TAhey were all got some change, I wanted to hurl my purse at them! CHANGE!!! BE CHANGE BRO!!!! that is what i said, then he said BITCH, then i said well I work to support all these lil ppl from Generation ME!!! ME ME ME ME ME!!! When do i get to have something for ME!!!! 

I ate cool ranch corn chips and now i wanna barf! Im tellin ya when you have anxiety issues no need to put unhealthy food in your body!

VIBE1LUV~~~~~ (i think this is a rant)

  1. bestBets 12 years ago

    YEAH maybe i need to get laid..LOL


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  2. beka19743 12 years ago

    Awe…you shouldn't eat cool ranch chips…they smell like dirty kids feet…blah! No wonder you felt ill :p  I'm sorry you felt bad tho and I hope it gets better 😀 Luv ya's Bets!!

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