I've seen how my actions have made a negative impact on my little brother. Today he came home almost in tears after he had been drinking at a friends house. It turns out he had cheated on his girlfriend and had driven home drunk after he realised what he had done. I had to scold him for drunk driving, but honestly, I've done it myself multiple times. When I was with my boyfriend I had cheated on him multiple times. I knew what my brother had done was wrong but how am I supposed to give him good advice that I never followed when I was his age? My brother used to be a hard core christian fanatic, but turned away shortly after I ran away from home and got into drugs and stopped doing anything with my life. I blame myself for his change in character. He's always had a happy disposition, so it's hard to tell if he's truly happy or if underneath it all he's battling some demons. He's also very emotional and sensitive, and, I know this was very immature of us but, as children, we used to make fun of him for being gay (I have another brother who is the middle child; i'm the oldest). That just goes to show how sensitive he was. He's the sweetest guy I know, and I know he doesn't intend to hurt anyone with his actions, but I don't know how to help him when I'm pretty sure he doesn't much respect my opinion, considering that I've done worse things than he has. I just get so depressed when I see that my actions have caused him harm. Even as children, he always looked up to me, and would mimic my actions. I wish he would've taken a liking to the middle child instead of me, so that he could actually be somewhere by now. You see, the middle child goes to Virginia Tech and is studying to be an engineer. He's also a very mature christian.


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