Its been a rough couple of weeks .. Hubby has been dealing with tooth issues , on the 3rd of September hubby had a cavity filled on the right side , well we left for the beach on the 8th , to say the least Vacation did not go all that great , hubby was a complete butt hole , he didn't help with the dog , we were put on the 9th floor which was the worst floor you could be put on with a dog . Gwen ripped the door of her travel crate the 2nd day we were there , but !! once we left her out to roam by her self in the room she was fine .. Unfortunately we ended up comming home early on the 14th after only 6 days , because someone complained to the front desk about our dog barking , when there dogs constantly barking on the first & second floors all day long & no one comlained about them . Well a week after we got back home from vacation , hubby started complaining about major tooth pain on the right side , he went to the dentist & come to find out , the tooth was had decayed down to the nerve & had to be pulled , well !! 24 hours after that his left side started acting up , he goes back to the dentist on that monday , which was his birthday & our anniversary , the doctor said he had an infection & put him on antibiotics , told him he couldn't pull either of the teeth until the infection went down , told hubby to come back on Wedneday & they would re do the X rays & find out for sure which tooth it was & take it . Finally Wednday comes , poor hubby not only had one tooth pulled , he had to have three teeth pulled, that makes 4 teeth pulled with in 1 weeks , the first two teeth came out without a problem but that wisdom was a pain , poor hubby was N the dentist for 3 hours , the doctor came close to sending hubby to a surgon , the doctor had to have another doctor come in & take over , because , he he just didn't have the time to keep working on hubby .. This other doctor did finally get the wisdom tooth out , hubby ended having 10 stiches on the left side of his mouth . To say the least , taking care of hubby the least two weeks , has been rough, men do not make very good patients , men do not handle pain , like us women do , on top of that hubby's OCD was incredibly high , so he was constantly up every 10 minutes checking his teeth , plus being in the house for two weeks & not being able to to the gym absolutely drove him crazy . Last week we got into a hudge argueent because he was so restless from being in the house , I couldn't get any chores done , because he was up my butt constantly . Then Tuesday we ended up having a major arguement because we had been gone most of the day , I was extremely tired, hadn't eaten breakfast, barely had any lunch & hubby was just pushing my buttons , I finally had enough & told hubby that I was comming close to just ending our relationship , simply because I'm tired of of babying him , I'm tired of playing the momma role , he is a big boy , he can do stuff on his own , he is 36 , he needs to act 36 ..

  1. lovely 7 years ago

    My goodness!  Such a stressful time.  Did they at least give him good meds?  I'm so sorry. 

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  2. godsgal81 7 years ago

    yes they gave him meds to help with the pain

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