The last two days my husband has been taking over the kids schooling. They are nearly done but still have a month or so to do before they are truly done.

Last night I went through which two cook books had the simplest and easiest recipies, my grocery list (why things were on there and what I had been planning to make with them) and went over the differences you have to make in recipies due to the extreme altitude we live at here.

The other day he was wanting to know what to do if the kids missed me, were sick, cranky, etc….. I spent a while explaining a few idiosyncracies of the kids and little things I do to help things run smooth.

Tomorrow I am going to teach him how to do laundry.

This is all bittersweet for me. Bitter because I know I am leaving and that this is the first time my husband has ever been interested in learning anything. He's never cared to learn how to help run the house or care for the kids. I have always worked so that's never been a good excuse for him. I hope that this will end up being a good thing. That this will help him to appreciate me, be willing to be more of a partner with me and take a stronger responsibility for the kids. Its a little sad that this is what it took to get him to start to try to learn how to parent but I guess its good that he is learning it now.

Maybe this will mean that things will be a bit more equal when I get back. I love taking care of my family but I could really use alittle assistance sometimes.

The good news is that he has all the major projects done and all the unpacking is already done.

I am so so so tired. I worked hard today and got a lot done. I cant be done for the night yet, after we get the kids to bed we are going to finish some paperwork and scan some documents to email. I am sitting down for a while now though. I have a headache, am a touch dizzy and am so so physically tired. I think I am always emotionally drained these days lol.

I didnt make it to church today. I didnt get myself up and my husband slept in as well. That makesme a touch sad because its the last time I could have went here at home. I am taking a few clothes with me that are church appropriate just in case I want to go to church there. Chances are I will be working weekends though. I will have to see. I am assuming that I will be working weekends and holidays. It sounds like all night shifts which is ok. I have worked straight night shifts for the past 6 years anyway. I guess we will see.

Thank you everyone who responds to my blogs. It helps knowing that when I do leave, even though it will look like I am alone……I will have access to DT so I wont really be all alone. Thank you for that.

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  1. Aswa 12 years ago

    Big changes for you and your family. Good Luck. Love, Aswa.

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