Well, thanks to a bad modem I’ve been on and offline. My modem wasn’t logging out when I did, giving us alot of trouble with the phone line. It caused me to be without a phone for almost 4 days. I missed coming here so much and I’m so happy to be back.

I missed talking with all my friends. Lots of things can happen in the course of a few days though. ….
I found out that my oldest son is not going to come and live with me after school is out, he doesn’t want to leave his new girlfriend behind. I’m not mad at him though as anyone would be I’m disappointed with the way things have turned out, actually I knew it would come to this. He has habits at his dad’s house that I wouldn’t allow him to have here and I believe that’s really the truth behind it all. …..

I had to go to my GP while I was gone as well, my heart seems to be acting up again and now the doctor is pushing harder this time for me to take the stress test that I fudged out on a year or so back. I got spooked with the first one and canceled the test and never called back for another appointment. …..

She gave me my inhaler back but she thinks it’s not nessarilly my lungs that are my problem of becoming winded so easily, she believes it to be my heart. I go for the stress test on the 16th of May, Lord, I hope I can get to it, it does scare me so. …..

We are still working on my new car, it wants to buck and shake alot once we get it out on the highway. It never does it when we are riding in town. I’ve wondered if a old man had owned it before us and just putted around in it. Though, my husband continues running through all the cheap things first, that can be causing the trouble and hopefully in the process he also finds out why it seems to be using a bit more gas than it should for a 6 cylinder(sp). That’s about enough for me. … How are the rest of you all doing? …. Fine I hope! …..

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful week and are looking forward to a nice weekend as well! …. Take care, …. Kim


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