recently homeless with trifling ass people around me stole all my money and cell phone i help people when im down why cant i get any help im so tired of being depressed tired and broke everytime im turn around some mother fucking bull shit i got three weeks until pay and im praying i make it i been pan handling for money any way i can get it i really need some encouragement if you can help i been relying on the lord but its hard as fuck i been struggling with cravings for drugs day in and day out i dont klnow if i can make it i hope i can save my money when i get paid and make all the right decisions i have several things i need to do like get my id again since my things were stolen i hoping i have the strenght to overcome addictiona and get this stuff done i really need some counseling but i dont have a car im tired of negative people people judge you so much when your down and are always out to try to pull you down further please pray for me I am praying for my sister and family i want our relationship to be betyter and protected but its been hard to take time out for them because im struggling so much i would really appreciate a response to my blog suicide is not an option i want to live i know im gonna feel suicidal i wish i had someone to literally hold my hand pissed !this world is fake as fuck and there is no help out here. ium tired of taking medication its boring as fuck in my house im in the libraruy everyday trying to keep from bordom im tired of this bull crap you have a mental illness i need help some help thats the problem but this world is so selfish there hasnt been none please pray for me


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