Got up early just so I could get myself together early enough and get out the door to court on time this morning. I wanted to look somewhat decent cause I was gonna see my soon to be ex and was expectingto see his new g/f as well.

I got there and went into the office area and waited a little bit to speak to someone. A woman came to the window and i stepped up and she said, "Jeanne"? I said yes?? I was surprised that she knew my name. I never met this woman before in my life. How did she pick me out of all these people?…hmmm. Anyways, she took me to a back hallway where I saw my husband waiting. I thought I was right on time but I guess they were hoping to get started earlier but, I didn't know that.

So I follow the woman right into a small confrence room and said hello to Ced. We all sat down at the table and I proceeded to tell the woman that it wouldn't take long for her to go through our paperwork because we had nothing other than the motor home and Ced was getting it and paying me for it.

At the end of the session, the woman asked if we wanted copies of anything and I said yes. She exited the room and I stood up and went over and hugged Ced and told him that I still loved him and cared for him and if he ever needed anything that I would be there for him. And he said, "I feel the same".

The woman came back in the room and gave me my copies and we were free to go. She said that she wished all divorces went so easily….lol.

So we exited the room and went out into the main hallway and I went to leave and Ced called my name and I turned. He said I want to hug you. so I let him hug me again and i left the building and headed for my car.

On my way i saw a woman in a green outback sitting in the back of the parking lot. I knew it was her! His girlfriend! The one that he got together with only a week after I told him that i was leaving. How could anyone move that quickly….I keep asking myself that question. My answer:……he was talking to her well before I left him. That's the only right answer there is.

I saw a bit of her but didn't want her to know that i knew who she was. I have no ill will towars her. I'm sure he filled her with some sort of lies about me to make me look like it wasn't his fault i left.

I got a few miles down the road and he called me. I had forgotten to bring up his mother's rosaries that i found while unpacking. We talked for two minutes and that was it. This story continues……………

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  1. lightangel 8 years ago

    You are a really good story teller. Sounds sad that you still have feelings for each other. So it is a new chapter of your life.

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