Juice Fast – Day 4.

Consult a physician before attempting any kind of fast.

That’s been on my mind today and I needed to just go ahead and say it. I’m not trained in any way to be a spokesperson or a licensed source of fasting information. There is a lot of info & advice on the subject out there and I don’t want my writing to, in any way, harm another person. What I’m accomplishing in this blog is describing my journey, bringing levity to a sometimes daunting regiment.

It’s Sunday and I’m still going strong. I may have to stop calling it a juice fast because I didn’t go to Blue Shirt Café again today to get my juice. Just the lemon-honey-cayenne pepper water.* I’m not okay with that, I should be sticking to the program. No excuse. I won’t even try to be contrite. I weighed myself again today. 122.8 lbs. ‘yikes’. I am definitely going to my juice bar tomorrow. It may be nothing but I’m not going to wait to find out. My yoga routine gave me such a buzz I was high for hours. The sweating it out hasn’t started to affect my natural (read:sweet as can be) body odor, yet. I’ve been using a salt stone since I was 15. It’s a rock crystal of sodium, potassium & magnesium. So simple. I used one of those fancy store bought deodorants once and it was not pleasant. My breath on the other hand… at first it was just my breath magnified but now? I don’t know WHAT that is but things are really starting to happen. I know constipation is another side effect so that’s unfortunate. But I’m a peeing machine! I think I’ll just put a TV in there.

The hunger pangs haven’t gone away like I thought they would. I’m frustrated with that. Drinking a big glass of water staves off hunger but only for a short while. I have to say; I’ve noticed the dark circles & puffiness under my eyes have started to fade. Oh joy! So, for all the drawbacks the pros far outweigh them. 

Gotta go. My teeth aren’t going to brush themselves. Thanks for listening. Leave a comment if you will. It makes me happy.

*I keep upping the amount of cayenne pepper. And I’m loving it! Look out Panjore! Let’s make it authentic this time!


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