It's the 6th day of my fast and I am no longer longing for food. Tomorrow will be my last day. Ironic, no? I may take it to the bridge and go for 10 days. We'll see.

I have bad news; Blue Shirt Café's juicer is broken. There is no replacement. The thing is in Seattle being fixed. Boo! I was devastated! Do you know how hard it is to find a real juice bar in this god forsaken city? I walked 4 miles today trying to find the brilliant suggestions from Around Me iPhone app to no avail. I went on Do you know what came up under a search for Juice Bar? No, of course you don't coz it makes absolutely NO SENSE!!! It was Dunkin' Freakin' Donuts! I'm getting tears all over my blue shirt. I've actually been quite emotional today. My meds keep me mellow and there is no way for me to stop, even for a short while so there's no way of knowing the correlation. Fasting is all about release. You release toxins, bad habits, self-loathing & of course emotions. Have you ever had a really good deep muscle massage? All the dislodged crap rushing to the toilet? To the heart, for the blood, is what I mean. Anything pent up is going to find a way out somehow. So, what did I do in the face of this catastrophic atrocity? I improvised. I've always said improvisation is the key to evolution. I upped my intake of honey-lemon-pepper water and I tried a Vita Coco. Its pure coconut water, I had the one with açai berry & pomegranate. It's really good. I checked it out. The only sugars come from the fruit not added stuff.

I've been tired most of the day. I spent most of the day expressing my insides. I weighed my self the other day and I was a little worried I'd gone down to 122 lbs. I'm down to 118 from 128 lbs. It's said you can lose up to 6 lbs the first day. I made bank. Like I said in the beginning I'm not trying to lose weight. I'm thin enough as it is but I needed to get my mind & body clear. I'll get back up to 125 lbs once I'm done. I've been thinking, obsessing a little maybe, about what I'm going to eat on Thursday. My favourite sushi bar is two blocks from my house and they know me. They appreciate me. I'm going to have a couple bowls of miso & a salad. I'm going to stick to soft foods like bananas, yoghurt & Cream of Wheat that day. Then I'm gonna have some brown rice, oh rice how I've missed you, with grapes & spinach with a dab of ranch. God yes! I can taste it now. You know, I may have had a little more honey than I should have but not once have I cheated. I'm really proud of that. I'm still tired though.

I spent 2 hours walking around Davis Square & we went to look at a dining table tonight. Even so I don't know where the day has gone. I'm glad we were like well……eh? Too many flaws, one being having to shlep the thing down stairs, across town then up 2 flights of stairs. I just wasn't in the mood. It wasn't for us. It was…too dainty for us. I like FURNITURE not Furniture. I want a table that can support at least 300 lbs. (heh heh)

I'm making progress with Cleopatra's Bath my personal bath collection. I don't have the money to keep & maintain a website right now so I started a blog and tarted it up real nice. My soaps are coming out stinking pretty and sudsy. The lip gloss is perfect for my taste. I had run out and I hate Chap-stick. Even if it does say "Total Bitch" on the tube. This one aspect of my life took a wrong turn when my demons started taking over. Oils went rancid. Accessories went missing and I just wanted to disappear any time any one asked about it. I'm now back in full swing. And I am very proud of that. My meds are working and soon the whole world will be glad of that. I plan on starting a new batch of basic and hand-mill lavender & a recipe I like to call Pink Tomato tomorrow.

So, basically I'm super mellow from my meds and I'm going to bed REAL soon. I can't seem to get enough water. I've been drinking water from pint glasses. That's 2 glasses at a time and I have 5 or 6 of them a day. I'm going to remember this when I do this again. I'm thinking, after the juicer disaster today 300 big ones for my own might not be such a bad idea after all.

Gotta go. My guy's not going to kiss himself goodnight. Suße troime y'all. Thanks for listening. Leave a comment. It makes me happy.



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