i have add/adhd so it's really hard to focus on this post. haha. i'm pretty much new to this anxiety tribe thing, so i'm pretty much just gonna treat this like a journal. i don't know if anyone's even gonna read this, but if you're taking your time to, i hope i don't bore you. so just a little info on me, i'm 15 (16 this upcoming friday) and i've been through a lot i guess you can say. i was adopted when i was just a few months old, and grew up being a very shy, awkward, anxious and depressed kid. my dad died when i was in 1st grade and i never knew how to act. i was bullied for how i looked but i kinda just kept my feelings inside, but i did self-harm. i also started smoking weed when i was in 8th grade. freshman year i just acted how i did the whole time growing up, skipping school, not doing school work, failing. i started popping pills and whatnot. during the summer i started robo-tripping(coughmedicine)and smoking weed everyday. my drug use started escalating and i started smoking opiates and spice. than i got into meth and was in it for a good 2 months. i went to a phsyc ward around the middle of july of 2012. i was sent to rehab from there, and i was in rehab for 47 days. left for 3 days, relapsed, and went back. stayed for another 30 days, than i got sent to a long-term facility but i ran away after 1 week. i was at home for 2 months, but than went back to rehab for 46 days, and now i'm trying my best at being clean. i have about 5 weeks clean. i left school, and started doing online classes because it's hard having social anxiety and going to school for me. if you want to know anything else about me just message me. 🙂


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