I don't know about you guys, but i personaly hate when people make plans (especialy involving something longed for or academics) and they go back on them. Yeah, some times i do it to. but at least i don't do it last minute. When this happens i try to make sure that we can go trough with the plan next week or the next day.Ahhhhhh!!!

This happened last semester when they wanted to do Zumba. never happened. and my friend and i were estatic about it. but the other members weren't so much so never did it. leaving my friend and i with doubts about them. And then there was a party that was planned last minute by another friend. we decided to help. yeah we new one had classes till late and she couldn't help as much. the one who planned it was supposed to make the cake. then she said she couldn't so me and my friend decided to make it. and here we go helping and there she is on her butt texting. My friend only helped because she is like me and likes to help people. so, instead of three people working on the party… it was only my friend and i. we did all the work. except for the tacos cuz her boy friend surprised her and well, yeah. so i finish the cakes and then go to a recital. go back to my dorm and wait for the invite. my friend is in her room withe her boy friend waitin for the invite as well. the clock strikes 11 and were both still in our rooms. the next morning we come to find out that the ones who didn't do anything took all the credit.

i seriously have doubts about them now. i feel bad haveing doubts. i feel like a bad friend having doubts. But on the other hand they do this all the time. leaving me frustrated. it's as if they don't care how the others feel.

i'm supposed to be helping one of them with her homework but she just said she hade to shower so we can't do it now. she was also supposed to dye my hair along with my friend. my friend had to go home and settle some stuff so i understand. the other, on the othr hand said at yesterday, then today, then at 9pm. LATER, LATER, LATER,NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

i hate being mad at them but after all that i don't know any more.

Should i just brush it off like the others or should i say enough? i'm not a person to be played with. they get my hopes up then they tear them down. they truely don't know what this does to me. My parents did the samething along with keeping me loked up,and look at where i am now. thinking that death is the only being that won't dissapoint me. don't worry not gonna try anything. just take a medicine combo to make me fall asleep. great… now i want tacos.


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